Giulianova is an elegant coastal town with a broad beach whose sand is thin and golden in colour. On our beautiful seafront grows an abundance of palm trees, oleanders, maritime pines and many, many flowers, all flourishing in our lovely mediterranean weather. Along with the beauty of our natural environment, Giulianova has many man-made gems to be found, particularly in the hill side of the town. Here stands the monastery Santuario di Maria Santissima dello Splendore, erected in 1557 where, according to the legend, the Holy Mary appeared to a farmer in need. Today, religious services are still regularly performed and pilgrims often come to visit and pay their respects.
Giulianova is in a “strategic” position, as it is located right by the Adriatic Sea, but also very close to the Appennine Mountains, towering over us, almost protecting our town; in between the coast and the mountains, a vast, verdant hilly landscape.

Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II Giulianova Abruzzo

Let’s talk numbers

With a surface of 30 square kilometres (11.6 square miles) and a population of over 23 thousand people, Giulianova is traditionally divided in four districts.
The “Lido” (Lido/Waterfront) is obviously the seaside, one the main spots for tourists; the “Annunziata”, the Southern district where the Roman colony of Castrum Novum (now Giulianova) was originally founded; the “Paese”, which is the old town, and lastly “Colleranesco”, which together with Case di Trento forms the outskirts and rural area of Giulianova, expanding onto the hills.

The port

The port is both a commercial and a touristic harbour. It was originally built in 1913 between the mouths of two watercourses, river Tordino and the Salinello creek. It’s a category 3 port, which means it is of national, regional, and interregional significance. It is comprised of two piers, the Southern and the Northern piers; the port is also one of the best places to find daily fresh catch at the fish market.
There are also two fishing quays, one of which is 800 metres long (2600 feet) and the other 45 metres (150 feet) and about 300 docking spaces, 200 of which for leisure and 100 for fishing.

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What to do, how to get here

Giulianova in an easy place to get to, whatever means of transport you decide to use. Pescara is home of the Abruzzo Airport, just over 50 km (30 miles) from our town. We have a modern touristic infrastructure here, sports facilities (you can play tennis, 5 and 7 a-side football, basketball, bowls and minigolf; you can roller-skate as well as, of course, practice water sports like swimming, sailing and windsurfing.
You can also travel to several nearby towns thanks to our new web of cycling paths, complete with wooden bridges connecting all the area’s coastal towns; and you can do so by enjoying a glorious view, cycling right by the golden beaches and the verdant pine groves that are typical of our territory.

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Places to visit

The Santuario della Madonna dello Splendore is one of the most visited places of worship in the area. Legend has it that the Virgin Mary appeared to humble farmer Bertolino right by a tree he was sleeping under; upon waking him, she told him that she would very much like to see a small sanctuary built there, which the community happily did.