According to surveys on blogs, International Websites, magazines on line dedicated to tourism and travels, it seems that, according to studies made by the most important experts of this field, the abruzzo is one of the best places in the world where to live or go for a holiday or even where to retire.

According to the following links, the Abruzzo is above all appreciated thanks to its pleasant territory, its favorable position, between the sea and the mountain, close to Rome, the Capital City of Italy.

Furthermore, the quality of life is not so expensive but really healty. A little pollution, a lot of nature, the tastes of a traditional cooking appreciated all over the world: these are the strong points of our Region, defined one of the "secret treasures of Italy".


In Abruzzo you can admire the highest peaks of the Apennines but also the blue waters of the Adriatic Sea, with its over 130 kilometers of coastline, vast plains, forests, old villages rich in history, art, culture and traditions, taste its savoury cuisine and its fine traditional wines.


In Abruzzo there is a lot to visit: you can find little jewels spread everywhere: ancient towns, medieval villages, old churches, buildings and works of arts of any age.


With three national parks and over 30 natural reserves, Abruzzo is the greenest region of Europe. In Abruzzo there is the highest peak of the Apennines, noble and majestic "Gran Sasso", also called the "Sleeping giant", featuring the "melting pot", the only glacier in the Apennines, the most southern of Europe.

You can also visit Monti della Laga, rich in springs, streams and forests and the Majella Mountain, with the high ground of Morrone, considered the "Mother Mountain" of Abruzzo.


With over 130 kilometers of coastline, the coast of Abruzzo has a wide variety of environments suitable to all tastes: from Francavilla in Teatino to the north of Teramo province??, Alba Adriatica??, you will find wide golden beaches with the typical "Macchia Mediterranea" (pine forests), Pineto or Pineta d'Avalos of Pescara, with rocky beaches and attractive cliffs, from Ortona to Punta Aderci, to return to wide and sandy beaches in the southern part ( Vasto). It's in these traits that you can practice water sports such as diving and underwater photography. In the mountains you can also find several lakes, mostly artificials but fascinating and really beautiful, thanks to the stunning background that welcomes them.


The traditions of Abruzzo are based on the coexistence of the rites of Christian devotion and ancient pagan cults, often linked to the rural world and involving the whole community in different villages. You can witness a lot of events throughout the year, but mainly during the Easter week, or during Christmas. Among the most famous celebrations we must remember the "Madonna running" of Sulmona, the "Farchie" Fara Filiorum Petri, the "Faugni" of Atri, the feast of the "Pardon" of l'Aquila, the "Feast of Serpari" in Cocullo, which is well known all over the world. We must not forget the Abruzzo cuisine, with its dishes handed from generation to generation, following the original recipes. Dishes which are today nationally and even internationally appreciated, as much as our oils and our wines, such as Montepulciano and Trebbiano.

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