Giulianova beach is the perfect location for your holidays, with your family or with your friends. You will live pleasant moments practicing sports, having fun or simply "taking your time". The silky golden sand of the beach, free of stones, fences or barriers, allow those who choose to stay in Giulianova Lido, to take long and relaxing walks.

The clear and shallow waters of the sea that degrades gently, are perfect for children. Adults can instead relax swimming or reaching the open sea renting a "pedalò" in one of the bathing huts on the beach.



Hotel 900 has an agreement with NOVA VITA BEACH, very close to our hotel: this beautiful structure on the beach offers to our guests the opportunity to choose a beach umbrella in first or second section


The harbour dating 1913, is situated between two rivers: the Tordino and the Salinello. It has a local and national economic importance and it is built in two piers: the north one and the south one. Today it's one of the major fish markets of the region, in which you can find, freshly cought fish, at any time of the day.

There are two docks for fishing, one 800 metres long the other and the other 45 metres long, with 300 moorings, (200 for private boats and 100 for fishing boats), illuminated by the two towers of the harbour. Giulianova fishing are mostly dedicated to pelagic and clams fishing. Instead the smaller boats practice small fishing with nets, longlines and pots.


Giulianova has a wide beach of silky and golden sand and is an elegant seaside resort. Along the promenade you can find palm trees, oleanders, pines and many flowers, which grow thanks to the favourable Mediterranean climate. Giulianova is also a town rich in art and in treasures to be discovered, especially the old part of the town, on the hill.

The town is in a strategic position, because it's located on the Adriatic sea and at the same time, at the foothills of the Apennines. Instead halfway between the coast and the mountains there is a vast and green area of hills.


Spread over an area of about 30 square km, with over 23.000 inhabitants, Giulianova is divided into four historical districts.
1) The "Lido" (the beach) is the most touristic part.
2) "L'Annunziata", the southern part of the town in which, originally was born and developped the roman colony Castrum Novum (New town).
3) "Il Paese" (the old town) on the hill, with its ancient churches, its old walls, its four towers and its beautiful ancient "villas" and finally
4) "Colleranesco" and "Case di Trento", the newest part of the town, on the second row of hills.


We have already spoken about Giulianova sandy beach, and of the blue water of the Adriatic Sea.

The good quality of bathing, hunting baths, each with personal salvation, clean beach, traffic control, urban furnishings, access for disabled, efficient plant treatments, the door - to -door garbage collection system and all initiatives involving residents and visitors throughout the year, granted Giulianova the " European Blue Flag" several times. This is certainly a certificate of quality for your holidays!


Giulianova is easy to reach by any kind of transports. About 50 km from Pescara Airport, it is a modern tourist town with several sport facilities: you can play tennis, basketball, soccer, bowling, mini-golf and practice skating, water sports, such as swimming, sailing and windsurfing.

In addition, thanks to the new bike path that connects Giulianova to the nearby cities of the coast, you can easily and safely ride your bicycle, and visit Tortoreto, Alba Adriatica, Martinsicuro and Cologna, coasting the sea in the shadow of the pine forests that are typical of this part of the coast.

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